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Triathlon Equipment Tips

Triathlon Equipment Tips:

Triathlon Swimming

Common Freestyle Mistakes in Swimming:
  1. Don't look FW >> look to bottom of pool
  2. Don't swim flat >> rotate with each stroke
  3. Don't bend knees >> keep legs (almost) straight
  4. Don't pull crooked (e.g fingers pointing pool side) >> finger tips downwards
  5. Don't breath late >> breathe early

Swimming Efficiency - Body Position and Stroke: (by Mike Doan - usat coach and Andy Potts - champion)

  • top athletes train free style almost exclusively
  • maintain stable horizontal position: keep eyes focused on a downward angle
  • body symmetry is key! left and right side of body should mirror one another
Elements of stroke:
  1. pull and recovery
    • rotate hips (life golf or baseball player)
    • pull phase is really a matter of anchoring or stabilizing your hand and upper arm at point of entry or catch phase of stroke and leveraging yourself forward by holding the water and driving your hip into the front of your stroke
    • elbow higher than wrist and fingertips down on recovery
2. kick
    • helps maintain proper body position
    • propultion generated in both up and down beat of kick
    • tremendous source of power but not without a cost: kicking burns huge amounts of oxygen in blood
    • be selective when you throw your kick into the race (fisrt 200/300 meters and last portion of race)
3. breathing
    • keep head rotation minimal, rotating naturally with stroke
    • breath frequently and both sides if possible (oxygen deficit is a recipe for disaster)

The Swim Arm Cycle - Swimming and Triathlon:

The Smoothest Swimming Technique In The World? Jono Van Hazel

"Chicken technik"...


Kick económico (parte 8 de um curso com dicas de natação de triatlo):

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endurance branch

endurance branch 22/24. 2 to go em   11Jan2013
endurance branch 21/24. 3 to go em   10Jan2013

endurance branch 20/24. 4 to go em    8Jan2013
endurance branch 19/24. 5 to go em    4Jan2013
endurance branch 18/24. 6 to go em   20Nov2012

endurance branch 17/24. 7 to go em   18Dez2012
endurance branch 16/24. 8 to go em   16Dez2012
endurance branch 15/24. 9 to go em   12Nov2012

Vou reduzir o endurance branch para o mínimo de sessões 24 de modo a carregar mais cedo os treinos de corrida passando estas para ritmo de strength branch.

endurance branch 14/30. 16 to go em   6Dez2012
 endurance branch 13/30. 17 to go em   4Dez2012
endurance branch 12/30. 18 to go em   29Nov2012
 endurance branch 11/30. 19 to go em   27Nov2012

A partir de 27 Nov 2012 passei o treino cardio para corrida, de modo a complementar natação e aulas spin. Road to Triathlon!

O mais tardar em Janeiro passo para o strength branch, apos pelo menos um mês 2x por semana de endurance branch a correr.