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12 Tips for 2017 by London Business School


In work, in life (my summary and adaptation from link above):

1. Develop your judgement
 hands on. control your destiny.
2. Grow meaningful friendships
The meaning and engagement come from something that we can create together – a great conversation, an insightful experience, a project that might move the world even a little towards a better place.
3. Step up your creativity
Embrace the desire to find meaning in everything your business does. Invite the child-like self to show up every day.
4. Leave blame behind
create shared understanding and space to communicate more clearly in the future.
5. Use your time wisely
in what ways do you spend your time that leads to the maximum increase in long-term satisfaction? Make sure you prioritise and carve out time in your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule accordingly: often the least urgent matters are the top drivers of overall life satisfaction. So be intentional about prioritising matters of importance over matters of urgency.
6. Get out more
seek direct observation and putting yourself through the customer experience. Everyone will be impressed when you talk about your experience – and of course you will learn a lot. So be bold and get out of the office.
8. Break bad habits by focusing on one behaviour
It takes an average of 66 days to create a habit. Yet we know bad habits are harder to break. Choose just one behaviour to focus your energy on over the next 10 weeks to make or break a habit. You don’t have to think like a psychologist to identify behavioural changes that could have a positive impact on others.
11. Ask others how they feel
It might just spark a creative insight or help build a stronger relationship.

Cross with personal goals:

R(relationships) - more quality tie with relevant circles (kids, family, friends from college, from school, from sports, from mba and from work). 
E (studies) - develop one hobby and one professional competence. study languages deeper - en, fra and esp.
D (prosperity) - search, keep on searching. in work focus on doing wright and promoting it.
S (health) - practice sports regularly. break bad eating habits. 

and do live a meaningful Life!

looking forward 2017!

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Time lapse Photography

Timelapse photography by Gavin Hoey

Taking the photos and editing them in lightroom.

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Night Sky Photo

- wide lens
- focus distance (moon, something distant during day and switch to manual and let be)
- manual mode
- 30 sec.
- F2.8
- ISO 3200
- daylight WB

Star trail:
- 15 min.
- F4
- ISO 200

Night timelapse:
- 30 sec
- F 2.8
- ISO 3200
- Continuous shooting mode

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Bancos de fotografia

A explorar:

- shutter stock
- ishutter

Klaus Tamm Photography

Klaus Tamm Photography

Fotografia de Natureza espetacular!

Miracast vs Chromecast vs Airplay

Miracast vs Chromecast vs Airplay

How to stream and mirror your mobile device on your TV.