sexta-feira, janeiro 29, 2016

Time lapse Photography

Timelapse photography by Gavin Hoey

Taking the photos and editing them in lightroom.

quinta-feira, janeiro 28, 2016


Night Sky Photo

- wide lens
- focus distance (moon, something distant during day and switch to manual and let be)
- manual mode
- 30 sec.
- F2.8
- ISO 3200
- daylight WB

Star trail:
- 15 min.
- F4
- ISO 200

Night timelapse:
- 30 sec
- F 2.8
- ISO 3200
- Continuous shooting mode

quinta-feira, janeiro 21, 2016

Bancos de fotografia

A explorar:

- shutter stock
- ishutter

Klaus Tamm Photography

Klaus Tamm Photography

Fotografia de Natureza espetacular!

Miracast vs Chromecast vs Airplay

Miracast vs Chromecast vs Airplay

How to stream and mirror your mobile device on your TV.

terça-feira, janeiro 19, 2016

DSLR Wified + Andoid TV Stick


Dongle para tornar a DSLR wifi e para colocar na TV e usar como tablet de ecrã gigante. Em vez de teclado + rato remote, usar no tablet app que os simule: